Welcome to The Field!

The Field is a family friendly community and we strive to provide an entertaining and pleasurable experience while you are visiting our facility.  The Field Conduct & Rules is an overview to recreational indoor soccer.  Many of our rules are in place to ensure safety for the players, coaches, spectators and our employees. Please take a moment to review the rules and we hope everyone has fun and shows respect for anyone in attendance while they are at The Field. 

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, please check our website at www.thefieldstl.com for a weather updates regarding possible game cancellations.  We will try our best to provide you ample time and information regarding any cancellations.

General Conduct

We are a G-Rated (General Admission), family friendly, facility!  We expect all spectators to have a great time and be respectful of others!  Foul language and violent conduct (or threat of such behavior) will not be tolerated anywhere on the premises.  Offenders will receive an immediate red card and will be asked to leave the facility; this includes players, coaches and spectators.  Parents of young children are responsible for keeping track of them during games.  Please do not allow young children to run around the facility and into bathrooms unattended.  Ball play around the spectators bleachers is not permitted so as to not disrupt/harm others. 

Officials Discretion

Our official’s decision during the game is ‘final’.  We realize not everyone will agree with the official’s decisions and our officials will make mistakes.  We thank you for your understanding and we hope you appreciate their efforts!  Abuse of officials will not be tolerated and may result in a red card ejection and suspension of league play.

 Rosters & Liability Release

·       An online roster must be completed by the start of your 3rd game.  All liability waivers must be signed electronically (through an email link provided to coaches prior to session) in order for player to participate.  

·       Rosters are limited to 16 players, PreK-6th, and 15 players for 7th-Adults.

 ·       Players can be dual rostered in a separate division for $40.00 on the second team.

·       Teams bringing any player not rostered must remove the player from the game and may incur a forfeit for the next game.

·       A roster check by coaches questioning non-rostered players must be requested before the game or at halftime.  The official will check both teams’ rosters before declaring a decision. 

 ·       Management reserves the right, at any point during the game, to remove players from the game. 

 ·       The Field Staff will randomly check rosters throughout each session using our player wristband participation.

Team Benches

TF team benches are on top of each other!  Please remember that what you say can usually be heard by the opposing team…and the official.  Keep comments G-Rated and in the spirit of sportsmanship.  

·       Only 2 coaches and rostered players are allowed on the bench

·       Coaches must be 21 years and older.

·       Anyone leaving the bench upon an altercation, including coaches, will receive a red card and causes a game forfeiture for their team. Further disciplinary action by The Field Management could result as well.

·       Only water and sports drinks are permitted in the bench area.  Please help keep the bench areas clean during and after you game, by throwing away all unwanted bottles, cans, etc.  Please notify Staff of any spills.

Goal by Concession Stand

There is to be no coaching from behind this goal.  Doing so may earn your team a 2 minute bench penalty where your team will play short. Please enjoy our spectacular view from the bleachers!

The ‘Walls’

Spectators:  Help us maintain your clear view of the field by keeping hands and feet off the glass walls.  Spectators hitting the glass for any reason can earn their team a 2 minute bench penalty where your team will play short!  Please be respectful of those around you and allow your coaches to do the coaching. 

Sportsmanship (Extra Player) Rule

·       Any team (K-6th ) trailing by five or more goals, can add one player to the field. 

·       Coaches choice:  Any team leading by 5+ goals may remove a player(s) at any time.

·       Once the team trails by 4 or less goals, the extra player is removed from the field.


Player substitutions, including goalies, are “on the fly” and can be made during active play or at any stoppage of play by the official.  If a goal is scored while you are changing goalies, the goal will stand. 

  • An illegal substitution may occur when a player enters the field before the substituted player is more than 5 feet from the bench area or the official determines substituting player was actively involved in the play before substituted player has left the playing surface resulting in too many players on the field. The restart will be a direct kick from the offending teams redline.  If the official believes the infraction was deliberate, a blue card for unsportsmanlike conduct and a yellow card caution could be issued to the offending team.  The team will play a man short for the duration of the penalty unless a goal is scored during the timed penalty 

The “Running” Clock

The Field has a running clock throughout the game.  Teams are given 1-2 minute halftime, dependent upon game schedules that day.  Due to our schedule, teams are NOT guaranteed any on field warm up time.  Teams should stretch before the game.   

·       Game time is start time.  Once the official has whistled for game to start, they can start the clock at their discretion.

·       Any delays will result in the ball being awarded to the team that is ready and clock will start. 

·       If a team is still not in position to begin play, the team that is ready will be awarded the ball and play may begin.  The official may issue a 2:00 blue card for Delay of Game, in which the offending team will play short-handed.

·       If a team does not have the minimum number of players at game time, the clock starts.  Teams are given a 5-minute "grace period". If after the "grace period” the team still does not have the minimum to begin play, the game will be considered a forfeit. If enough players arrive during the "grace period", the game will begin at that point, but clock will not be re-set.

·       The clock will stop for all serious injuries.  

·       In the event of a tie or one goal game; the clock will stop for all whistles during the last minute of play in the 2nd half. 

Coaches on The Field

·       For Pre K – U7:  Each team is allowed one ‘field’ coach and 2 bench coaches. The field coach may not enter the goal area or become involved in/disrupt any play.  The first intentional infraction will result in a warning with a direct kick restart for the opposing team at the spot of the infraction.  If infraction is in the penalty area, the ball will be placed at the top of the red arc by the goal.  A second infraction will result in the coach being removed from the field of play, coach may be replaced by bench coach.

·       For all other age groups, once a game begins, coaches are only allowed on the field at the direction of the official.

·       Any coach taking the field without permission from the official will be cautioned and/or issued an automatic game ejection.  An ejected player, coach or spectator must leave The Field premises and may have further suspension.

Restarts for Ball Out of Play

·       Hits the side netting, it is placed on the nearest red hash mark directly below the point where it made contact with the netting.

·       Strikes any part of the ceiling, the restart will take place at the nearest red or white line from where the ball was last played.

Restarts and Free Kicks

·       Players do not need to wait to play a ball on a restart unless directed otherwise by the official.

·       All free kicks are direct.  Ball must be stationary before the free kick is taken.

·       There are no drop balls, the ball will be played by the team in possession at the time of the whistle or played back to the goalie

·       For restarts within a teams own goalkeepers box, the ball is not “in play” until the ball leaves the area. If touched, the kick is retaken. 

·       Only the player taking the restart may request to be given their 10 feet.  If desired distance is requested, official will indicate restart on their whistle.

·       If a “quick restart” is attempted by the offense, any defender still inside the required 10 feet may attempt to play the ball (e.g. stick a foot out to block it)

·       Attacking players may not stand in the GK’s crease during restarts.  This will result in the defending team taking possession from where the direct kick was being taken. 

Dangerous Play

·       High kick - called when the foot or leg endangers an opponent

·       Playing with the sole of your foot up, facing the opponent

·       Going into a play with your back turned

·       Sliding/ slide tackling

·       Intentionally playing the ball while on the ground

·       Jumping into the play in the direction of the opponent

 Sliding, Tackling, Playing on the Ground

·       Sliding, tackling and playing on the ground are NOT permitted whether others are around or not.  Result of said infractions will be a free kick to the non-offending team. The official may allow play to continue if there is a clear advantage for the non offending team.  If advantage does not materialize after 2-3 seconds, the official has the authority to award the free kick from the point of infraction.

·       Slide “tackling” can carry a mandatory 2:00 blue card and may result with a yellow or red card, based on the intent and severity of the play.

·       If a player plays the ball first and then falls to the ground as a result of momentum, it may not be considered a foul provided the player’s action while falling doesn’t endanger an opponent.

·       In the process of playing the ball, if another body part (i.e. knee) comes in contact with the ground during play, the play shall be whistled if action puts other players at risk or obstructs opponent from playing the ball.

·       Only goalies, when making an attempt to stop the ball, may slide, however, the slide must be initiated from inside the penalty area.

·       It is the players’ responsibility to stay on their feet! 

Kicking from behind – Not permitted at ANY level!

·       This includes kicking the ball from behind or an attempt, through, in between, and around the back of legs of the person who has possession of the ball.

 Use of the Wall

  • For their own safety, players may not intentionally put both hands on the wall at any time.  One hand may be used to steady a player, but needs to be removed as quickly as possible.  An obstruction call may be called if any player uses the wall to prevent another player from progressing forward.  Any player using the wall repeatedly will be given a blue card and must sub off for 2 minutes.  Team does not have to play short.


  • If a player goes to ground ‘injured’ and play is stopped; that player MUST sub off.  The opposing team may use this time to sub as well. Any player that has an open wound, must immediately seek medical attention and may not resume play until cleared by the official.

Handling the Ball

This rule instructs officials to call a foul only when it’s intentional.  Intent is Key!

·       The FIFA rule of “handling the ball” instructs the official to call a foul only when the hand PROPELS or plays the ball.

·       If the ball ‘plays the hand’ (ball hits the arm in a natural position) no foul shall be called, regardless of where the ball goes unless it is determined that the ball would have entered the goal.  In this instance, the official has the authority to award the goal and issue a yellow or red card to the offending player based on the intent of the infraction.

·       If players block their face and ball hits their hands, no foul is committed, as long as players did not direct the ball to themselves or their teammates resulting in a gained advantage.  If the team gains an advantage a foul will be called.

·       A deliberate handball (player knocks ball out of the air with hand/arm purposely) will result in a card as determined by the official. 

·       If a player intentionally plays the ball with the hand/arm and impedes the ball from entering the goal, a goal will be awarded and a blue card followed by a yellow card will be issued to the offending player.  Their team will play short for 2 minutes. 

Goalkeeper Rules

·       Goalkeepers are NOT allowed to punt or drop kick the ball.  The ball must be thrown or rolled out. If a goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball a free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the red line in the attacking half.

·       Goalkeepers may slide only if they start their slide in the box and make contact with the ball inside the box.

·       Goalkeepers have 6 seconds to distribute ball from their hands.  Attacking players may not in anyway impede the goalkeeper during the play to distribute the ball.  If the goalkeeper plays the ball out of the box, the ball is free game.  They may bounce the ball while in possession.  After 6 seconds, if the goalkeeper has not released the ball, the ball is placed at the red line in the attacking half.

·       Goalkeepers may dribble the ball into the box and pick it up provided an opposing player last played the ball.

·       A deliberate handball by the goalkeeper, outside the penalty box, may result in a two-minute penalty and a penalty kick. An intentional handball is a free kick at the point of infraction.

·       Pass Backs:  

o   U7 – U8 age may pass the ball back to their goalkeeper and ALLOWED to pick the ball up! 

o   U9 and may pass the ball back to their goalkeeper but NOT ALLOWED to pick the ball up

§  Restart for this infraction is opponent free kick at the top of red circle of the end they are attacking

·       Goalkeepers will serve ALL card penalties they ‘earn’ for U9 and up.

·       The goalkeeper can touch the ball only when its inside or on the penalty area lines

·       The goalkeeper can pick the ball up if their feet are outside of the goal box but the ball is inside the goal box.

·       To protect the goalie, no goals can be scored from within the goal box

Fouls and Cards

A foul, resulting in a free kick, is assessed to a player who commits any of the following offenses:









Handling the Ball

Slide Tackling


Foul Language/Dissent 

Blue Card - A timed penalty, (2:00 blue card) will be assessed when to a player when any of the above offenses are deemed by the official to be careless, reckless or involves excessive force.

·       Playing in a careless, reckless or dangerous manner

·       The team plays shorthanded for two minutes unless a goal is scored.

·       A delayed 2:00 penalty may be given in the event of an advantage

·       All fouls inside the penalty area will result in a 2 minute/blue card

Yellow Card

·       Playing in a careless, reckless or dangerous manner.

·       2nd blue card to the same player.

·       An intentional or serious foul as determined by the official. A 2:00 blue card MUST be issued FIRST for the original infraction with the yellow card to follow for the intent.

·       Unsporting behavior or dissent, this applies to unruly spectators as well.  Player(s) serve a 2:00 or 5:00 penalty, as determined by the official.  Official will indicate to coach what time is to be served.  Team does not play short while the time penalty is being served.

Red Card

·       2nd yellow card or 3rd blue card.

·       Any foul or abusive language directed at any official, player, coach, or spectator. Players who receive a red card or 2 yellow cards for dissent or unsporting behavior, their team will play shorthanded.

·       Fighting, spitting at/on or striking an opponent.

·       Vicious or an extremely dangerous play.

·       Team with ejected player plays short for the entire 5:00 even if a goal is scored.

The official has the right to eject any player, coach or spectator at any point before, during or after a game.  Ejected person must leave premises immediately.  Failure to do so will result in team forfeiting the game.  Any ejected person is suspended for the remainder of the game and the next 2 games.  Coaches who receive a red card may not be a spectator at their next game.  In all cases, Management has the right to issue a more severe suspension.


·       Any person(s) involved, in an altercation anywhere on The Field premises, will be suspended for the remainder of that session or 4 games, whichever is longer. 

·       Any player defending him or herself, without striking an opponent will be reviewed.

·       Those players/coaches who instigate an altercation on the field will receive a minimum 2 game suspension and a review by management with possible further suspension.

Penalty Kicks

A penalty kick is only awarded when:

·       A 2:00 penalty (Blue Card) is issued to a defensive player for a foul that was committed inside the box.

·       A clear goal scoring opportunity was lost due to a foul that occurred outside the box and a 2:00 penalty (Blue Card) was issued.

·       The timed penalty begins after the penalty kick is taken.  The ball is live after the kick.

·       All players except the player taking the penalty kick and the goalkeeper must be beyond the top of the red circle.  The player taking the penalty kick may not play the ball again until touched by another player.  The result of this infraction will be a free kick from the red line in the end of the field of the team defending the preceding penalty kick.

·       For penalty kicks, the ball is placed on the dot inside the box.

·       Goalkeeper must remain on the goal line until the kick is taken; however, they may move side to side on the goal line but must not leave the goal prior to the ball being played.  Result of this infraction will be a retake of the kick unless the ball shall have entered the goal.

·       Any player leaving their position above the top of the red circle may result in the penalty kick being retaken unless the ball enters the goal.

Penalty kicks are NOT awarded for any games for Pre-K to U8


Number of Players


Field Players Equipment

·       Teams must wear the same color, but we do not require names or numbers on shirts.  Goalkeepers must be in a different color than both teams.

·       If both teams wear the same or similar colors, the home team must change into another distinguishing color or wear pennies.

·       Shin guards must be covered by socks and are REQUIRED for Pre-K to HS

·       Hard plastic casts and metal object must be covered and will be ruled eligible by the game official or management. 

·       Flat bottom, soft rubber studded or tennis shoes must be worn. No metal or outdoor cleats can be worn for any sport

The Ball

The home team provides a game ball:

  • Pre-K, the ball size will be 3.
  • U5 – U11, the ball size will be 4.
  • U12 - Adult, the ball size will be 5.

 Keeping Score

·       The Field will only post a 5 goal difference on the scoreboard – website will post “true” score.